From the Classroom...

From the Classroom...

Welcome :)

Welcome to our new and improved 4th grade math resource!  We hope that students and families will find this tool useful as they dig into 4th grade mathematics throughout the year.    

 Please keep in mind the following as you navigate this tool:

  • We currently use the Bridges in Mathematics curriculum, so most of the resource links on the right side of this page are organized by unit.
  • The websites are identified by Bridges as resources for teachers, students, and families to use.
  • Bridges is a spiraling curriculum, so you will see concept overlap throughout the units.
    • Feel free to explore other unit links that may support current unit learning.
    • For example, you will find multiplication resources in Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 6, and Unit 7!
  • Khan Academy Videos are available for a quick concept tutorial.
    • To navigate, look for the play arrow icon next to a concept for a video.  Activities will have a star icon next to them.
    • Feel free to create an account for your child if you would like extra practice or extensions for them at home.  Just let let your child's teacher know so we can provide a class code to monitor progress along with you :)
  • Often games are found on sites that have links to other games.  Please ensure students are focused on the targeted concept - it can be easy to get lost among the other links!
  • Classroom updates and anchor charts could be from any of our 4th grade classrooms.  If you would like to see a specific teacher's chart, please email Mrs. Bodin at
  • If you find other resources that are helpful, please don't hesitate to email Mrs. Bodin with your suggestions!
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Thanks for your patience while we update this site!!